NEW YORK, NY – For five consecutive days, we had the thrill of photographing the first apartment designed in real-time via Pinterest. The interactive campaign,  APT CB2  (for the home furnishings brand CB2), featured a different room and designer each day (Ross Cassidy, dining room; Caitlin Flemming, office; Athena Calderone, bedroom; Daniel Bear Hunley, living room; and  Justina Blakeney, rooftop deck). The designers guided the choices and determined placement of furnishings, but it was the people following the event online who voted on the CB2 items that were placed into the rooms.

We began each day framing up a time-lapse camera and determining its movement along a dolly track to capture every step of the room being decorated over a 12-hour span. With a second camera, we captured details throughout the day that were fed to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The fast-paced nature of the live event required us to shoot hand-held for the most part – which allowed us to approach interiors more loosely than usual. Following the event, we had a more traditional locked-down shoot of the finished rooms. It was an exhausting, yet amazing experience — we thank all the people at Mother New York, STOPP/Family, and CB2 for inviting us on this magic ride. See our Instagram for some behind-the-scenes.

Ball & Albanese on Set APT CB2 Office


Ball & Albanese Shooting APT CB2 roof